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YPP: The Five Pillars


YPP invests in young leaders who wish to be agents of change for themselves, their peers and their communities. YPP Peer Leaders speak their truth and encourage others to speak their truth. The values, beliefs and actions of Peer Leaders are aligned. Peer Leaders know who they are, they say what they can do and do what they say. Peer Leaders seek to learn, to grow, to inspire and to impact.


YPP Peer Leaders represent many communities. We are members of our family. Our school. Our neighborhood. Our city. Our country. Our world. And more. YPP believes that communities are only as strong as any one individual within the community. Peer Leaders seek to add to their communities and to build them. Peer Leaders do not subtract from their communities and destroy them. Peer Leaders believe that if they take care of the community, the community will take care of them.


YPP Peer Leaders stand in solidarity with all citizens, groups, members of law enforcement, policymakers and others who are committed to the fair and righteous treatment of all people under the law, regardless of race, color, gender, age, religion or identity. YPP Peer Leaders will do their part to oppose injustice by using their collective voices and power when necessary.


Safety, emotional and physical, are priorities for YPP. Peer Leaders thrive in a setting that is supportive, free from judgment and negativity. YPP offers an environment that encourages growth, individuality and teamwork. Peer Leaders are committed to partnering with police, law enforcement and others to help in efforts that prevent crime, violence and other issues that injure the community.


As a program of Children’s Services of Roxbury, YPP operates in alignment with the organizational core values and mission, “to bring peace of mind to families and children across Massachusetts.” Peer Leaders believe that through embracing the pillars of YPP – practicing leadership, prioritizing community, upholding justice, and preserving safety, peace of mind and peace in our communities is more achievable.