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Youth Permanency Connections

Youth Permanency Connections counselingIn partnership with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), CSR’s Youth Permanency Connections (YPC) works to identify a family connection to a child who has grown up in the child welfare system without any significant family ties. Child welfare agencies have increasingly been concerned about the well-being of youth who age out of the foster care system without having developed at least one tie to a family member who can provide lifelong support.

A significant percentage of homeless youth were previously in foster care. Research indicates that “aging out” of foster care without ties to a family member leaves children and teenagers without the necessary resources and support to effectively transition to adulthood.

The Approach

  • Uses several strategies to develop lifelong family relationships for adolescents in the foster care system – all components are youth-driven, strengths-based and culturally competent

Community Care Review

  • Identifies, locates and explores all potential individuals willing and able to make a commitment to a teenage youth

Specialized Adolescent Recruitment

  • Develops potential permanent placement and/or lifelong family ties for youth who do not have permanent connections within their own community-of-care network

Youth Consultation Team

  • Youth-centered, family-focused permanency planning team process that includes the youth, family members, significant adults and social service providers

Family Bound

  • Provides a group experience that helps prepare adolescents as they work to develop lifelong family connections

Parents as Tender Healers (PATH)

  • Adult training to assist in supporting and developing relationships and understanding adolescents’ needs

Specialized Post-Placement Services

  • Ongoing contact to identify supports, strategize and problem-solving relationship issues and maintain a strengths-based focus

YPC’s effectiveness is founded on the collaboration between CSR and DCF, and the commitment to a youth-driven process. Training, support and ongoing supervision are essential and provided regularly.

YPC is coordinated out of our Northampton Office. For more information, please call 413-586-2303.