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School-based Services

BH School basedCSR’s Bridge to Resiliency

Bridge to Resiliency is a one-of-a-kind partnership between Children’s Services of Roxbury and Boston Public Schools to address the complex social, emotional, and behavioral needs of Boston students. To prevent punitive school disciplinary action as a response to student behavioral health challenges, Bridge to Resiliency engages school leaders, teachers and parents to work together to identify students with needs and connect them culturally-attuned, insurance-funded behavioral health care.

Bridge to Resiliency coordinates access to the following services in Boston schools:

  • Therapeutic Activity Groups – at school for children and youth who have dealt with trauma or difficult childhood experiences
  • Hip-Hop Therapy Activity Groups – for teens who have dealt with trauma or difficult experiences
  • Family Partner outreach and support – to parents of children having behavioral difficulties in school
  • Connection to Individual or Family Therapy – in school or in the home, funded through insurance or the Department of Mental Health
  • Connection to Intensive Care Coordination – for children or youth in need of multiple services
  • Connection to Therapeutic Peer Mentors – as part of any service, when needed