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Staff Directory

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  • Addie Rosado-Keane Director, Family-Based Early Education and Care
    Phone: 508-556-5147
  • Anita Burke-Johnson Vice President, Housing & Stabilization, Youth & Police in Partnership Program
    Phone: 617-989-2601
  • April Carrington Office Manager, Behavioral Health Department
    Phone: 617-516-5733
  • Bernadette Rucker Director, Scattered Sites Program
    Phone: 617-989-9434
  • Bridget Roth Director, Comprehensive Foster Care, Family Visitation, and Family Support & Stabilization
    Phone: 617-989-9405
  • Celesta Shropshire Manager, Human Resources
    Phone: 617-989-9424
  • Christine Davis Senior Staff Accountant, Accounts Payable
    Phone: 617-989-9601
  • Darryl Huggins Business Manager, Behavioral Health Department
    Phone: 617-989-9456
  • Ed D'Amato Chief Financial Officer
    Phone: 617-989-9657
  • Ed Malone Vice President, Youth & Family Support Services, Early Education & Care
    Phone: 617-989-9411
  • Edwin Gonzalez Supervisor, Foster Care/Youth Permanency Connections, Preparing Youth for Adulthood
    Phone: 413-586-2303
  • Evelyn Norman Director of Communications, Special Events, and Inkind Donations
    Phone: 617-989-9433
  • Evelyn Vadea Supervisor, Comprehensive Foster Care
    Phone: 978-905-7233
  • Harry Harding Director of Training and Community Outreach, Behavioral Health Department
    Phone: 617-989-9457
  • Jessica Bedney Director, Community Service Agency Program, Behavioral Health Department
    Phone: 617-989-9618
  • Leonora McClaren Director, Family-Based Early Education and Care
    Phone: 617-516-5203
  • Lorraine Monahan Senior Staff Accountant, Accounts Receivable, and Manager of Contracts
    Phone: 617-989-9699
  • Manuela Gonzalez Assistant Director, Housing & Stabilization
    Phone: 617-989-9607
  • Maria Martin Director of Family Support & Stabilization, Family Visitation, and Comprehensive Foster Care
    Phone: 617-989-9442
  • Salesia Hughes Vice President and Clinical Director, Behavioral Health Department
    Phone: 617-989-9438
  • Sandra McCroom President & Chief Executive Officer
    Phone: 617-989-9470
  • Shari Gold Director of Congregate and Co-Sheltering Programs
    Phone: 617-989-9425
  • Stephanie Lewis Executive Assistant & Office Manager
    Phone: 617-989-9435
  • Tarshe Derival Clinical Supervisor, In-Home Therapy
    Phone: 617-989-9459
  • Vera Ivey Director, Center-Based Early Education and Care
    Phone: 617-989-9461