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Family Stabilization & Support

latino familyCSR's Family Stabilization & Support (FSS) program is a comprehensive approach based on intensive family preservation and family reunification models. Key components of the program include parent engagement and skill-building; supportive counseling; advocacy; and connection with community resources.

The program is designed primarily to support intact families and to prevent out-of-home placement of children. It utilizes in-home support from a CSR social worker and skilled parent aide/mentor to ameliorate factors contributing to abuse or neglect. FSS has been exceptionally successful in engaging "hard to reach" families, and in supporting families faced with complex, multiple challenges.

The FSS program reflects CSR's commitment to supporting permanency through child-centered, family-focused interventions. Building on family and community strengths, FSS is delivered in community and home settings and assists parents in gaining self sufficiency.

Parents develop life skills such as: improving parent/child problem-solving and communication; improving parenting skills relative to safety, supervision and nurturing; improving a parent's capacity to utilize formal and informal community supports to insure health and well-being of their children; decreasing or eliminating substance abuse within a family; and teaching parents how to identify and access community resources.

Other life skills include: improving household organization and maintenance; managing finances; establishing household routines; and helping navigate through the school system and array of social services and community resources available.

FSS can also support families and children through a variety of contingencies as well, such as hospitalization and out-of-home placement. The program is fully integrated with other youth support services, and shares in agency-wide training, outcomes management and service communications systems in order to promote the seamless delivery of services.

For more information on Family Support and Stabilization, contact the Program Director, Maria Martin at 617-989-9442 or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..