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Transitional Housing for Individuals

In its effort to support the needs of the homeless population in Massachusetts, CSR's adult shelter and transition houses provide guests with food, clothing and shelter in a manner consistent with the principles of dignity, respect and compassion for the person. Safe and secure, our shelters enable guests to regain self-esteem, develop life skills and financial independence, while remaining sober, healthy and connected to their communities.

CSR's case management team works seven days a week conducting assessments, developing service plans, providing support regarding substance abuse, mental health and HIV/AIDS, and assisting guests in obtaining employment and housing.

The initial goal of the program is to provide a friendly and supportive environment where guests’ basic needs are met. The longer-term goal is to transition them into a more independent living situation, and to help them become contributing members in their communities and to society.

Richardson House: This 13-bed post-detox house and 24-hour transitional program is for men and women who have recently completed a five- to seven-day detox program. Residents are offered a safe, sober, clean environment to live while they await the necessary sobriety eligibility for recovery home placement. The staff works intensively in helping residents stay on the path they have chosen.

Second Home: This 24-hour transitional programs located in Roxbury, offer a new beginning to 32 men and women in substance abuse recovery. Through structure and support, they are encouraged to maintain their sobriety, enhance life skills, maintain employment, save money and find permanent housing.