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Recovery Support Services



smiling woman 2Clients wishing outpatient services may be self referred or referred by a program within CSR. Clients applying for outpatient services must be drug and /or alcohol free for five consecutive days prior to the intake (when clinically indicated exceptions will be made on a case by case basis).

Services Offered:
Individual and group counseling determined jointly between the counselor and the client

Hours of Operation
Monday and Tuesday 9am to 7pm
Wednesday 12pm to 8pm
Thursday 10am to 8pm
Friday 9am to 6pm

All interaction with staff and record keeping will be held in absolute confidence. Appropriate consent must be signed in order to release in- formation to third party insurers or other agencies supporting the client.

In accordance with Federal HIPPA regulations, alcohol and drug treatment records are pro- tected and will not be disclosed, without written consent from the client. Consent may be re- voked at any time. Specific of these confidentiality policies are in the Client Policy Manual provides before treatment commences. 

Admission Criteria:

The admission criteria are as follow:

  • Must have a diagnosis of substance dependence 18 years or older Sober within the last 5 days
  • Must have medication or written prescriptions
  • Documentation of TB status
  • Must be willing to participate in individual, group counseling, and case management

Individuals are not eligible for admission if:

  • Clinically indicated to be in need of another level of treatment, i.e.: detoxification, inpatient services, medicated assisted treatment
  • Has a outweighing disorder that needs immediate attention
  • Unwilling to participate in treatment program as described
  • Presently under the influence of illicit drugs and/ or alcohol
  • Less than 18 years of age
  • Individuals who are ineligible will be referred to appropriate services and they may re-apply in the future.

Fee Policy: CSR will not limit access to service based upon the ability to pay. Insurance and third parties will be billed where possible and/or on a sliding fee scale negotiated with clients based upon their ability to pay.