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Community Service Agency

community service agency

The Community Service Agency (CSA) in conjunction with the Massachusetts Child Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI), CSR coordinates intensive care services for families in the Greater Boston region seeking mental health and family supportive services for their children under the age of 21.

CSR's CSA specializes in serving Black families and is designed to help families and their children with serious emotional disturbances obtain the services necessary for success at home, in school/programs, and in the community. Families must be covered by MassHealth or CommonHealth to be eligible for the service.

The CSA embodies a comprehensive "wrap-around" model to organize many community services and supports for our families. The process is implemented through Intensive Care Coordinators and Family Partners who are caregivers of youth with special needs and work closely with the parents or caregivers.

Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)

ICC is a service that uses the Wraparound care planning process to organize many services and supports for your youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Your family’s participation in ICC is voluntary.

A care coordinator is assigned to work with your youth and family that have enrolled in ICC. The care coordinator is responsible for working with you to:

  • Complete a risk management and safety plan
  • Conduct a comprehensive home-based assessment of your youth’s and family’s strengths and needs
  • Bring together a planning team of people the family identifies (e.g. teachers, state agency workers, friends, neighbors, etc) to help support your youth and family
  • Facilitate development of an individual care plan (ICP) that guides your family and team in working toward the goals you choose
  • Make sure the services and supports are in place and are helping your youth and family as planned

Family Support and Training

Family Partners are experienced caregivers of youth with special needs. The family partner works closely with you-the parent(s) or caregiver(s) of the youth by:

  • Teaching how to move through the youth-serving systems
  • Helping locate services and supports in the community
  • Developing supportive connections
  • Supporting and coaching you in reaching goals identified in the ICP

To make a referral, please call 617/989-9499 and leave a message. Our staff will contact your family within 24 hours to schedule a face to face meeting.

Also, feel free to visit us between the hours of 9am-5pm at 520 Dudley St. Roxbury, MA

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a process used to build an individual plan that is created by your youth (under 21 years old), family, friends, and community supports. Once the plan is formed, it will specifically address the needs of your youth and builds on the strengths of the youth, family, team, and community.

Wraparound sets your family at the center of the planning process and brings together a team that supports your family’s vision for youth’s future.